Labouchere Roulette System

Labouchere Roulette System

labouchereThe Labouchere roulette system is hugely popular for those who don’t like the complicated betting systems. This system doesn’t offer a permanent winning strategy but do offer predictable winnings and that makes this roulette system so popular amongst the players. The Labouchere system is really simple and easy to understand. First take a pen and paper or open an Excel sheet for your numbers and write a sequence of numbers, for example 1,3,4,2. You can take any numbers and sequence by your choice, but a smaller sequence brings profit faster.

Your first bet in this system will be the amount of the first and last number in your sequence. In our example you bet 3 units (1+2=3). So you place a bet of 3 units to even. If you won, you 1 and 2 will be taken out from your list and you continue with the next bet of 7 units (3+4=7) as the remaining 2 number of your sequence. If you win again, you create a new sequence of numbers or start again from the beginning. Now let’s see what you should do if you lost.

If you lose in the first round with your bet of 3 units, then add the number 3 to the end or to the beginning of your sequence. Doing so you get a new sequence of the numbers 1,3,4,2,3. As you lost you start your sequence from the beginning with your new bet of 4 units (1+3).

In case of you lose not the first but any other round, you continue your sequence from the actual state. For example, if you won in the first round but lose 7 (3+4) units in the second round, then you add 7 to the end of your sequence and continue betting with 10 units (3+7), as 1 and 2 already dropped out from your sequence because you won with them.

In summary, Labouchere roulette system is dropping out the numbers from your list if you win and add the amount to it if you lose.

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