Dozen Roulette System


The roulette table is divided to three parts as follows:

a. LOW – numbers from 1 to 12

b. MEDIUM – numbers from 13 to 2

c. HIGH – numbers from 25 to 36

Mark the three parts with the letters L, M and H.

Click on the „SPIN” button and spin the wheel (without any bet!) Take a piece of paper and write down which section the ball stops in (L, M or H)

Click on the „SPIN” button again and keep the record of the outcome as L, M or H. Repeat this procedure for a while. When the winning number is zero, record it on a separate part. After a certain amount of spins you will have a list with the results, something like this: H M M M H L H M M. You need to wait for the SPECIAL EVENT – in other words you are waiting for a consecutive sequence of FIVE spins where one of the sections not come out. In our example – L, M, H, H, M, M (there is no L in the last five spins).

When you found the special event you can start betting. In the example above we bet on L.

You will keep betting on L until you win! In the dozen roulette system we use a special betting pattern with a maximum of 11 bets – no need to go on from this point! Always stick to the betting pattern shown below and DON’T VARY THIS PATTERN, especially do not double up your bet if you lost. It is vital to keep the rules, otherwise the system will not work on the long term!



Spin Bet Profit
1 $1 +$2
2 $2 +$3
3 $3 +$2
4 $4 +$2
5 $6 +$2
6 $9 +$2
7 $13 +$1
8 $20 +$2
9 $30 +$2
10 $45 +$2
11 $67 +$1


When you win, you should stop betting and start again writing down the numbers until you don’t find the next special event.

Don’t forget? the probability of not hitting the given section (for example L) is 67.5% or 0.675. It’s a quite big value.

But the probability that the ball not stop in the chosen section during 11 consecutive spins is 0.008%

The money that you can win with one spin seems to be not so much but it is possible to bet almost you can spin almost a hundred times. Many a little makes a mickle!

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