Basic system

You can try the basic system during your very first session and it is based on the probabilities. Take a paper and start to write down the winning numbers during 37 spins without betting anything. After 37 spins check what are the 13 numbers that came out less times and bet one unit to each of them. When a different number come out in the next spin, then bet again the same 13 numbers. If you don’t win, then double up your bet with betting the same 13 numbers again. The theory of the probabilities says that all numbers should come out at the same number of times on the long run. During a test of 27000 spins the ball landed on all numbers about 2.674% of the spins.

One of the main disadvantage of this strategy that it requires quite big starting bankroll so you need to be careful when use it. Other than that this strategy is a perfect way to get familiarized with rulett for beginners.

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