roulette systems

Our first strategic decision

The very first and most important decision is to pick the best roulette version to play. Generally you can find two types of roulette games in the online casinos: European (or French) roulette and American roulette. Always choose European roulette as the house edge is lower than in the American roulette. This is because of the one zero on the wheel (in the American roulette there’s a second zero or double zero that increases the odds of the casino. By the way we shouldn’t completely dismiss American roulette version, especially when you get bonuses, because the wagering requirements are usually easier to meet in the American roulette. Generally we can say that these roulette systems work both roulette version but the house edge is lower in the European roulette so the return of investments is higher. The house edge is about 97.3% in the European roulette and 94.7% in the American version. You have better odds to beat the casino in European roulette

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