Betting options

Roulette betting options

Straight up: betting on a certain number in the middle area of the roulette table.

Split: placing the bet between two adjacent numbers, for example 35-36. You need to bet on the middle numbered area with placing your bet on the line between the selected numbers.

Street: betting three numbers in a horizontal row, for example 34-35-36. You need to place the bet to the edge of the row.

Corner: betting on 4 numbers in a square layout, for example 26-27-29-30. Place the bet on the intersection of the lines between the selected numbers.

Six line Betting on two adjacent streets with placing the bet on the ende of the lines between the two row.

roulette desk

the roulette players also could place their bets on different sectors as:

– Red or Black

– Even or Odd

– High or Low

Also you can place bets according to the picture in several combinations. These side bets are called their French name in the casinos (Voisin Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre and Orphelins)

1.  Voisin Du Zero (Neighbors of Zero) – 9 bets on 0/2/3 + 25/26/28/29 (Corner) – 2 chips on each, 4/7 (Split) + 12/15 (Split) + 18/21 (Split) + 19/22 (Split) + 32/35 (Split) – 1 unit on each.


2. Tiers Du Cylindre (Thirds of the Wheel) – the roulette player spreads 6 chips on 12 numbers: 5/8 + 10/11 + 13/16 + 23/24 + 27/30 +33/36 – 1 unit on each.


3. Orphelins (Orphans) – 5 units placed altogether, one is straight up and 4 split, for example: 6/9 + 14/17 + 17/20 + 31/34 split and 1 chip on the number 1.

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